On our Scholarship Application, we ask the students if they would like their parent(s)/guardian(s) honored by listing their names on our website. 

With permission, below is a list of loved ones who are very missed by their families. 


Way Kyi

James Chamberlin 

Derek Paul Ward

Richard J. Simons

Calvin Hobbs

Jayson P. Majka

Erika A. Cooper

Ray E. Haberly, III

Michelle M. Goodridge

Lewis Ray Napoleon

Jennifer A. Krebusewski

William Clifford Young

Nelson Antonio Rosario

Marianne Carpenter

Joseph Patrick Brummer

Regina Nesbitt

Earl Demario Parker

Lynn Charles Foster

Ivan Johnson 

Steven Paul Opladen & Joshua Thomas Opladen

Leslie J. James

Derek A. Mahon

Paul A. Fox

Brian P. Fuller

David William Waugh

Raymond Charles Brooks

Jenny A. Smith

Corey Dean League

Christopher D. Restey & Tracy D. Restey

Michael LaFord

Daniel Douglas Bigelow

Timothy M. Wittek

Daniel C. Maurer

Michael James Sherman

Frank Glen Wood, Jr. 

Patrick Shawn Monagan

Charles A. Sevrey

Susan Beth Taylor

Todd Welch

Eric Andrew Buisch

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